Thursday, December 15, 2005

Comments from the Guest Book

The following is the collection of entries from the Collocation/ArtSite2005 Guest Book

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Bainbridge Island Public Art Committee
Administered by
Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council

3 August
Mileth Klein
Scarlet Klein
Brad Klein
Nita Klein

7 August
Dennis Brandt
Sandy DiLena, Toronto, Ontario
Kathleen McCabe, Toronto, Canada
Wayne & Rebecca Madison
Steve, Charlotte Humphry
Dennis Coffey
Ruth Courtland,

Jim Holden, Suquamish, WA

M.L. Ott & G.S. Howarth, Bainbridge Island
Sandy Neale
Shiers & guests
Susan Jackson & Sister
P.C. Harper
Absolutely Terrific! Thanks.

9 August
James James Patterson Patterson
Viki Walaskay
Forrest & Clayton Gurowitz
Gray Yockman

11 August
Elizabeth Blake
Thank you.
Dan & Sonya Carvin
Peace to all
Christ Davenport
Ken Ragsdale
Esther Parvin
John Young
Adam Rabinowitz

13 August
Shinto Imai – Bainbridge-Seattle
Great site, great curiosity & some very good work to transform & make aware
S. Main, Connecticut
My compliments to the blackberry artist. Where can I get more of her work?
Denise Johnson, Post Falls, ID
Fun, great for exploring
John & Sue Anderson, Bainbridge Island, WA

14 August
Dave & Gail Christensen, Bainbridge
Mary Ann & Don Christensen, Ketchikan
Joan Hutchinson & Curtis Hughes, Bainbridge Island
Lee E. Fickle, Bainbridge Island
Sandra Ramsden, Brisbane, Australia
A different experience
Jack & Nan Fleming, Poulsbo, WA
Marianne Hanson, Seattle
Brenda Hughes, Seattle
Linda Younker with Sally Robison, Bainbridge Island

21 August
Keiko Shimada, Japan
Michael Sharp & Diane Francis, Bainbridge Island
Pam & Jack Johnson, Bainbridge Island
Adele Berg-Layton, Bainbridge Island
K. MacDonald, San Francisco, CA
Jeanne, Harry & Miles Thomas, Seattle, WA
Karen Cornell, Bainbridge Island
Lanara Stone, Bainbridge Island
Steve & Marilyn Gray, Beaverton, OR

Garbage – who are you kidding?

What a bunch of crap – is there anything you won’t classify as “art”? But to be fair, it’s great for a laugh…

Val Torrens & Dave Russo, Poulsbo, WA
Everyone’s a critic – too bad. Good idea and great way to spend some time. Thanks!
28 August
Martha Bien, Bainbridge Island

John Robbins, Naperville, IL
#3 Best City, Voted by Money Magazine!
Oh, the effort everyone “put in” to make this trail interesting – and a learning experience too. Saw my first English laurel and loved the “lid display”. Thank you! A wonderful kind of art… that tempts, teases, and makes one think and ask questions. Thank everyone who played a part. JR

Thank you.
Richard Thurston
Daniela Siegenthaler

29 August
Karen A. Wilken, Bainbridge Island & Fairbanks, AK

O’Reilly Fam, Highland Drive, Missoula, MT

4 Teachers from T.T. Minor School in Seattle on retreat @ Idlewood

30 August
Kathryn & Laughanne MacDonald

#7 Wow! Swept us away…Timmie

1 September
Liked the foundation and view point – Rick
Loved the art AND the blackberries. We don’t have those in Arizona. Mimi, Yuma, AZ

3 September
Joyce Rudolph
Laurie Anting
Micki Kent
Willa Foster

Thank you! Priscilla & Helene

4 September
Reynolds Family – Cool Stuff

Nigel, London – I felt like I was at a famous museum.

Colleen Ziakin – Thanks!

Found new inspiration! Marty & Jill Stone

5 September
Thanks for doing this. Good luck converting this to a park. Dan Kaylor, Seattle, WA
The Strathdee Family, Bainbridge Island – Great Display!

Margot Jacobs, Bainbridge Island
Interesting stuff! Somewhat challenging for old people! Couldn’t find 8-9-10-11. Followed a trail after 6, no flags, so decided wrong way. Did go under a beautiful tunnel of trees but came to a small gully which I decided not to leap across. Yes, I had the map. I will go see 10 & 11.

John Materner, Bainbridge Island
Interesting interpretation of the site past, present & future.

9 September
Glad to get to Bainbridge while this art is still up – we’ve heard about all the work that has gone into the effort from Jenny Tolefson and wanted to check out Kristin’ work – my fooks who now live here walked the whole site and enjoyed feeling how the different artists expressed themselves in this special place. Kristin – I wanted to crawl into your art! What a great space you created – I was a fort building child! Thanks! Sonja, Svend, Edie Hartmann & Steve Prather

Thanks again! Always happy to see and support the Arts! Kay & Charlie Watkins, Bainbridge Island

10 September
Thank you! Kim Sather
Great Park! Steve Seifried, age 10

13 September
What a birthday present to myself by visiting Collocation! Thank you! Bruce Wallace, Winslow
Theresa Connolly, Seattle
Make this permanent! Phyllis Cairns, Bainbridge Island
Will & Chappe Langemack, Bainbridge Island
Allegra Archer
It was very fun and cool.

21 September
What a nice way to spend an hour on the last day of summer – first day of fall. The view of Seattle from the platform was stunning!!! It seems obvious to me who girdled those beautiful trees. Sondra Kay, Bainbridge – Clean up this site!!!


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